About Travellife


It's my Travellife and I live it the way I like

Travellife is a brand that is in touch with nature and originated from the passion for travel and the outdoors. We are here for the people who never lose their desire to explore and are always planning new adventures. Whether it is a holiday, a day trip or a staycation around your own home.

We believe that you are never too old to explore and that there is something new in every experience. The very first time camping with your children or the first time without them: it is always a new adventure. Travellife lets you enjoy all these outdoor experiences to the fullest. 

It's my Travellife and I do it in my time schedule

After or during a great day, sit back and relax. Enjoy your outdoor space in that moment. Literally hit the pause button. This feeling, combined with our affinity for the outdoors, is reflected in our logo: a pause button that also reminds you of nature.

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