Gas leak detector spray 400ml

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Gas leak detector spray 400ml

Safety always comes first when using gas. With the Travellife gas leak detector spray, you can quickly and easily check your gas installation for gas leaks. That way, you can go on holiday with a safe feeling.

Easily detect gas leaks

With the Travellife gas leak detector, a gas leak is detected in no time. The handy tool is easy to use and immediately shows if there is a leak. The spray can be used on pressure regulators, hoses, pipes, taps, fittings and valves. It is important to check the gas equipment regularly, especially in closed spaces. This way you can be sure that no gas is being released into the room and you can use your installation with peace of mind. This gas leak spray can be used for all (flammable) gas types.

Key benefits

  • Identifies gas leaks quickly and easily
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for all (flammable) gas types

How does the gas leak detector work?

The Travellife gas leak detector is easy to use. Spray the gas leak detector evenly on the surface you want to check. If any areas are not properly sealed, foam will immediately form there. This allows you to quickly see if there is a leak. Don't see any foam? Then everything is properly sealed and safe to use. In particular, check all couplings, connections and tap connections and keep a distance of 30 to 50 cm. If you find a leak, it is key to take the right steps. First open windows and doors to allow the gas to escape. Then turn off the main gas supply and under no circumstances use fire, sparks, electrical appliances or light switches. Have the gas leak repaired as soon as possible.

With the Travellife gas leak detector spray, you can easily and quickly detect a gas leak. This helps you protect your own safety and that of the people around you.

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